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Environment Design
& Fulfillment

Stories to captivate. Design to transport. Technology to stimulate. Apply the latest exquisite stage-craft to create exciting new worlds.


Theater mastery meets cutting-edge technology

The unique way we approach stage and environment design transcends the box.

  • Draw your audience into your story with an environment that enchants
    their senses.

  • Communicate complex ideas quickly with experiential, interactive

  • Transform spaces though audio/visual alchemy and stagecraft.

  • Build anticipation and energy via the perfect blend of strategy and


We begin with the fundamental parameters of your event and venue – the “givens.” Mix in a little "what if...?" Cast a keen eye on your budget goals. Bubble in your brand, message and tone. And deliver a design that maximizes impact without breaking the bank.


In-person, Virtual & Hybrid Events


Through our extensive network of experienced professionals, Polaris builds the right crew to seamlessly deliver your project. We speak “tech” so you don’t have


  • Technical Direction

  • AV/Staging Sourcing & Management

  • Venue Evaluation & Coordination

  • Microsite Development

  • Virtual Platform Integration

  • Immersive User Journeys

  • Broadcast Streaming

We will help you do more than source the “best deal.” We help you find the “RIGHT Best Deal” for you.

Drew is an outstanding Executive Producer. His staging expertise and extensive background in theater tech, rigging and design is extremely beneficial in bringing meeting spaces of any size to life. Drew’s attention to detail in planning allows him to communicate clearly with venues and their personnel to ensure there are no un- expected challenges throughout the event.


I want to personally thank you so much for your support in helping us deliver a great town hall yesterday. You raised the quality of the event to a level that distinguished it from other previous town halls. Many of our team members recognized the difference in their comments and feedback. We really ap- preciate your partnership and your professionalism.

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